The First ESC-SHA Joint Meeting

Highlights from Amsterdam: the 5 most important messages
Name Title PDF Video
Fausto Pinto Valvular Heart Disease/ Pulmonary Circulation 002001 Video
R Ferrari Hypertension 002002 Video
Fausto Pinto Heart Failure 002003 Video
Panos Vardas Arrhythmias 002004 Video
Atrial Fibrillation
Name Title PDF Video
Salah Atta Case Presentations 003002 Video
Panos Vardas Atrial Fibrillation 2013 - Which treatment in the real world? 003006 Video
Name Title PDF Video
Fausto Pinto Clinical Case 005001 Video
Mustafa Al-Refae Interesting Echo Cases 005002 Video
Fatema Qaddoura Challenging Cases 005003 Video
Angina and chronic CAD
Name Title PDF Video
Abdullateef Khoja Live in a box: clinical cases 007003 Video
Panos Vardas Clinical decision: The ESC Guidelines - What is clear and what is still missing 007004 Video
Hisham Hussein Revascularization in SCAD: The debate continues! 007005 Video
R Ferrari Meet the Expert: Which Treatment in the Real World? 007006 Video
Heart Failure.
Name Title PDF Video
Hanan B. ALBackr Chronic Heart Failure Clinical case scenarios 008003 Video
Luigi Tavazzi Clinical Decision: The ESC Guidlines What is Clear and what is still missing 008005 Video
Renal Denevarsation for Resistant Hypertension
Name Title PDF Video
Coatas Tsioufis Renal Denervation 010001 Video
R.Ferrari Clinical Case 010002 Video
R. Ferrari The ESC Guidelines 010005 Video
The Mediterranean Diet
Name Title PDF Video
R. Ferrari The Mediterranean Diet 011001 Video